Select the iPhone correctly — HOW TO CHOOSE A SMARTPHONE

Select the iPhone correctly

Select the iPhone correctly

Despite the relatively small list of smartphones offered by Apple, often buyers think which one to choose: option 6 plus or just the 6 with more memory or medium, silver or gold, etc., Then it is obvious — how many people, so many opinions.

Take a walk on the most important criteria on the basis of which to choose, which model of iPhone 6 will be perfect for you.


From the point of view of the General perception looks nicer iPhone in graphite black. Not by accident that this version was selected for a spectacular presentation of the popular line. The black frame around the display it look thinner visually concealed almost millimeter by millimeter. Although color choices are very subjective.Black and white display frame iPhone 6Серебристый color back of iPhone preferred — for reasons of wear resistance and a lower tendency to contamination by fingerprints. It is, in fact, the native color of the aluminum alloy from which to create the casing. The other two versions, though, and are resistant painting, created by means of anodizing, still with time rubbing and fade.

Plastic insert above the antennas in the silver version is much longer retain its color. In the other two models (especially gold), they soon become white and more visible.iPhone 6-cotacota behind the scenes it is the «gold» version is the coolest. She appeared recently, and many wanted to own a spectacular new. Besides the inhabitants of Asian countries the first flies off the shelves it, because gold, even fake, is a sign of prosperity.

However, all these reflections on the theme color completely offset covers. And they definitely need to apply because as a glass screen, though, and claimed as particularly strong, but still scratched. Everglade the metal of the case, coupled with the impressive size of the «sixes», complicates a firm grip in the hand, especially if it is wet. So any case will help to eliminate these shortcomings, and if it is not transparent – color issue fades into the background.

Form factor

As for the choice between the iPhone 6 with a diagonal of 4.7 inches and a 5.5 – inch phablet 6 Plus?iPhone 6 in two colors and iPhone 6 plus

The majority of the characteristics of the devices are very similar. Major, and sometimes crucial, differences between models are the following:

6 + more powerful battery as a consequence of the larger screen, to ensure the functioning of which is spent a lot of energy;

— also, the phablet is a little better screen, it has a resolution of 1920 × 1080 (vs 1334 × 750), and the number of dots per inch is also significantly higher — 401 vs 326, and that means less graininess.

camera 6+ has the optical stabilization, is much more effective dampening the noise from the shaking when shooting;

but the iPhone 6 is much more accustomed lies in the palm of your hand, they are easier to manage with one hand. 6 Plus to simplify the management of a special option – reachability, shifting down closer to your fingers the upper part of the menu (it is launched by double tap on the Home button). But still, to fully control the device — it takes two hands.Three colors of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus— the iPhone 6 takes up relatively little space, it can be put in pocket and go for a phablet have to take the bag.


If the iPhone is purchased abroad, be sure to pay attention to what LTE networks it is adapted. Otherwise, upon return home there will be problems with the perception of the local smartphone high-speed mobile networks.

Users from the CIS countries it is better to choose the following models:1586 1549 or As with the case of the iPhone 6, and And or 1522 And 1524 for the 6 Plus.
These models are considered universal, as they support the maximum number of networks around the world – about twenty. Ideally choose the model with the first mentioned — coded for each subtype.


Based on considerations of suitable amounts of memory, the optimal strategy is to choose the iPhone, 64GB. The arithmetic is simple — the 16 GB active, the user will be sorely insufficient, but 128 GB is a lot of unreasonable. In fact for the person using the iPhone more often for calls and for browsing news feeds on the Internet, built-in 16 GB will be plenty. In addition it offers free 25 GB of cloud storage.

Besides, at the moment, the version with a capacity of 128 GB, not available in official Apple store. All from-for the revealed instability of such flash drives, which is triggered by installing more than 200 apps. Although in the warehouses of Resellers still have it, and it is possible to choose it in the desired color. Although it is not necessary to put the said records on the number of applications that it seems so advanced users not so much.


In the Russian AppStore price on the iPhone 6 with a minimum amount of memory is 16 GB, is 44990 rubles(regardless of color),6 Plus starts with 52990 rubles. The next version with 64 GB for 8000 rubles above specified prices.iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus — Zenica already mentioned, the smartphone version with 128 GB is currently not available to order, and there are no gold iPhones. I think this is partly due to the reluctance of the manufacturer to compete with recently released models, 6 series S.

From official Resellers, those numbers will definitely be lower by a few thousands of them you can easily buy the protective film from the cover. Also, they can find the desired iPhone in any color and with a suitable amount of memory. In this case, sophisticated marketing, Apple is not working.

Besides, no one excludes the possibility of buying a used smartphone. And in good condition, as most «sixes» only a little more than a year.


Fans to take pictures of everything, it is better to choose version 6 Plus, with built-in memory capacity of 128 GB. First, his camera is equipped with an advanced optical stabilization, and therefore makes a much clearer pictures, regardless of the shaking created by «operator». And secondly, memory will certainly be enough for a large number of pictures or videos. Even considering the large size of created high-quality media files. Thirdly, battery plus mod is much more capacious, and will last a day and a half with intense exertion.

People who always need a tablet, also look to the iPhone 6 Plus, as it will successfully be able to replace both devices. It is always at hand, the battery lasts a long time on the screen all is well visible.It easier to gain a big test, typing messages or just play.

So, at first glance, exactly the same model, have many differences. But still, what the iPhone meets all your needs – You decide.

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