How to choose a smartphone? — HOW TO CHOOSE A SMARTPHONE

How to choose a smartphone?

How to choose a smartphone?

Let’s open your favorite online store and look at the range of mobile phones. Not armed sight visible that almost all phones – smartphones. And so, at least 90% of the range will actually be smartphones and choosing the phone, the result here is obvious.

It remains now to choose your device from that of the majority. After all, the diversity of the market is huge and every month there are new, better, unique models. Get lost in this abundance of easy, so learn to choose a decent smartphone should.

1. What is a smartphone?

First, a little discussion about the concept of the smartphone, because with it you can meet many new words, e.g. «camera phone» or «ceiling». What to buy?

So smartphones, it’s the same PDA (pocket personal computers), more communicators, the distinction of these two concepts was erased a few years ago. Therefore, the concept of «Communicator» forgotten remains «smartphone». But at the same time, it is necessary to recall the notion of a «tablet computer» and a smartphone, in fact, it is. This is the same tablet, totolko able to make calls. And at the moment of division between the two concepts still exists. If the diagonal of the tablet is less than 5″ is a smartphone if a better 7″ tablet, the truth is not all of them know how to use. But the transition border in the 5-7″ last time began to be called a phablet, although there are plenty of other names: planet, plantation, planton, SmartSet, flavor and even the ceiling. What is it really, a tablet or a smartphone, it is difficult to answer. In fact, all smartphones – it’s tablets, that is tablets, only do it with a GSM module.
Smartphones are called by different names, but in reality all of these devices are tablets.
In General, the smartphone is a phone and computer as a whole. Moreover, it has long been the mechanism is not too expensive smartphone is not inferior to the capabilities of the computer. He’s just less that’s all differences.

2. Choosing a class of smartphone.

The first step in the choice of smartphone is the choice of the class group. And divisions abound here. The most popular classes is: secure smartphones, image, DUAL, smartphones, music, camera, female, VIP smartphones, budget for entertainment and M. D. we Now briefly consider each and need to decide which class you need.

2.1. Secure smartphones.

Models in this class are not many, but for people with active life it is the perfect solution. Smartphones with secure housing are not afraid of no dirt, no moisture, no rain, no bumps. They can be washed and throw on the ground, they will always work like a clock and never let you down in difficult times.

2.2. Image smartphones.

The name speaks for itself, this phone in hand will definitely raise his image, he’s a premium-class. From this it can be assumed, and the high cost of these devices, or rather, very high. At the same time and the functionality they are the best that you can find on the market. In fact, it is the novelties of the market and these models all learn from the first sight. But a year later this smartphone will be a regular phone like everyone else.

2.3. Smartphone for two SIM-cards.

Smartphones support the capability to use two SIM cards are very popular now. Their advantages are clear, you can choose two operators on each call for the lowest tariffs. Also, it is able to have one work phone and one home, which are placed in a single housing. Most often, in the name of such models is the DUAL word, which means «two.» But there are models and three SIM-cards may, such a device would be ideal.
Today, every second smartphone supports two SIM-cards.
Only when you select a smartphone for two SIM-cards worth to mention peculiarities of the selection of such goods. Here it is necessary to immediately solve the problem with the communication standards, there are three of them: Dual SIM Standby (DSS), Dual SIM Active (DSA) and Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS). The first standard Dual SIM Standby has little is found in simple mobile phones, and almost not used in modern smartphones. His strategy is to work with one receiver, and select the active SIM card or when switching on the phone, or via menu (first option is not convenient). That is, in fact, we carry one phone with one number, but instead of changing the map manually, use the switch. The second standard, Dual SIM Active, everything is much more convenient and thoughtful. Transceivers there are two, so you can take calls and talk simultaneously with two SIM-cards. But only calls for the second card only supports GPS connectivity, 3G and other features 2nd and 3rd generation communication standards at the second transceiver is not provided. In principle, convenient and practical, but the battery in these phones sit immediately. And if you choose, then it is best new standard Dual SIM Dual Standby. It also has two complete transceiver, but both only work about half the power that is associated with the ban in European countries increase the power of the radio signal with a «tube» abroad under. But with a modern coating, that is enough for a good signal and proper operation. In addition, the battery in the standard DSDS lasts much longer than other standards.

2.4. Budget smartphones.

Smartphones, which are easily put into a small budget is budget. That is, inexpensive models available to everyone. The top face of the price, about $ 200, which indicates not quite a low cost. In any case, regarding price/quality, is the perfect choice.

2.5. Women’s smartphones.

Phones for girls it’s not only pink models or smartphones with drawings on the body, it is much wider. The majority of the female smartphones white, and the differences are primarily within the device. This is needed only for girls apps, different programs and opportunities. Even the same cards in this category differ. All women love shopping, so a new boutique with this phone to find easy. And all sorts of unnecessary setting items in such models will be sent away.

2.6. The camera phones.

It’s a smartphone that takes pictures and shoots video is not worse than a good digital camera. The concept is still quite new, but a little part of everyday life. And fans taking pictures of everything and everywhere can choose this photos smartphone.

2.7. Music smartphones.

Previously it was a significant section in the industry of phones, now it’s easier. Every image is a music smartphone. But there are exceptions, when the smartphone is in the most part designed for music lovers. Here and the acoustics are top notch, and the unique equalizer for perfect tuning of sound and convenient buttons to control playback of your favorite tracks. But again recall, modern, expensive smartphone are also.

2.8. VIP-smartphones.

VIP class, this smartphone with unique design, inlaid with Swarowsky by stones and even precious stones, this enclosure made of gold or platinum, it’s a painting from a famous artist first and foremost, it is very expensive. Besides functionality, often they could not hold out to phone premium-class – new flagship well-known manufacturers.

Having defined the directions of the new purchase, we otseit at least half of the lineup. But selecting a unique class, even easier, we will leave only ten-second models. But this is only a superficial assessment, classification by purpose, and to really understand what is smartphone and how to choose, we shall start now.
3. The operating system for a smartphone.

OS is the main criterion for choosing a smartphone. This is the most important step of determining the optimal variant. Having dealt with operating system platform on which to work your new smartphone, we will do the main thing, define its functionality, possibilities and prospects to develop. A modern mobile phone like a computer, so how it will be useful depends on the software in the first place OS.
The OS platform is the most important criterion for selecting a smartphone.
Today, there are three leader among operating systems for smartphones is Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Other little popular, but we also consider. But these three platforms are market leaders and the most popular OS of the trio – Android.

3.1. Android.

Opening any online store in search of a smartphone, we will see the majority of phones that is Android OS from Google. Two years ago, many manufacturers have produced phones on their platforms, but almost all massively reject the idea. So the new flagships of most companies-the giants go on Android. And choosing not Apple will have to choose a leader, although not forget about Windows Phone, about which more later. Thus, the main advantage of this operating system is a huge choice among manufacturers and models. Because most of the smartphones working under Android.

The second positive is the large diversity of software support. Opening an on-line store from Google – Google Play, we’ll find up to a million apps, though the most popular is always free. Further, it should be noted that all the Google services embedded in the OS and for their supporters it is just the Klondike convenience and functionality. Still, you may think of Google Now voice assistant, which will answer the question, and will help with the management and the M. D. But there is in Android OS and cons, it is voracious. If you compare it to two other platforms, it behaves slightly worse in work. But a good phone is almost not felt. The last that can be attributed to the shortcomings, it is the diversity interfaces of the same OS. The platform itself is constantly evolving and changing, in addition, the brands of phones all sometimes modified beyond recognition, in the end, one and the same version on different brands of smartphones will be different and get used to the controls some time will have. But overall the pros significantly block the cons.

3.2. iOS.

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