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How to choose a cleaning company

How to choose a cleaning company

what is not in place, and services including. Over time, new and new systems maintenance and other services, demand for which is dictated by the market.

To those, relatively young services and ranked as the cleaning. Speaking familiar words, cleaning is cleaning. But cleaning professional, using special chemicals and technical devices. Special vacuum cleaners, polishers of floors, washing equipment pressure, special sprays, absorbent solutions and disinfecting liquids – this is not a complete Arsenal of workers of a cleaning company.

The service provided is not just from the traditional dry or wet cleaning, and the whole complex of measures to restore purity in the office or living room. This includes the cleaning of facades, cleaning Windows, both inside and outside, and snow removal in the neighborhood, and trash removal. Through this universal approach, the activities of such organizations will always in demand. It remains only to decide which cleaning company will be able to provide the most complete range of services?

The first step

To begin, select a few companies that provide relevant services in your city. The first selection is often made on the Internet. So pay attention to how saturated the website of a cleaning company information: did you specify what types of services are offered, whether there are among them those that you need. For example, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets, polishing of granite floors, cleaning of adjoining territory, work at height, if you have an industrial building in which it is required to clean the Windows, and so on.

In addition to this information, check for reviews from customers. Of course, they must be «alive», that is real – this is indicated by the intense comment, the reference clean-up, which produced the company to the customer, indicating any errors in the work, the relation between quality and cost of services.

After the first correspondence Dating make a few calls to a selected list of organizations. Remember, there is no one proven cleaning company will not announce you at the first conversation the exact total amount for their services. In the best case, it will be the cost of cleaning per square meter, and the final result can be calculated only after a complete and accurate discussion of the types of upcoming work, area remove the space and extent of contamination. Do not be surprised this approach, often price single restore order after the repair is significantly different from the cost of the regular weekly cleaning the same area.

Step two

A meeting with the Manager of the cleaning company is the most important factor when choosing a service provider. The specialist will assess the condition of the premises, the area of surfaces requiring special cleaning – Windows, stained-glass Windows, facades. With him you will discuss the need for chemical cleaning of textiles, carpets and upholstered furniture. Wash racks, shelves, cabinets, closets, blinds, even the ceilings – all this is negotiated and discussed in detail. You can select as the complex cleaning of premises and of certain kinds of or combination of the two. For example, daily dry cleaning, weekly cleaning of carpets and monthly window washing.

Do not worry that you will forget about some insignificant, in your opinion, the little things. Experienced staff the cleaning staff themselves will tell you what your room needs cleaning and a thorough cleaning.

Ask the Manager, how is the garbage collection after use. Sadly, this item is worth a special mention. So you should clarify cleans for a the company itself or garbage outside your territory must be carried out separately.

After discussing all the subtleties and nuances follows the signing of the contract. Be sure to check it the presence of the paragraph on the compensation of the damage caused in the process of providing services, and improper conduct. For example, if in the course of cleaning will be a broken window or a couple of days later after using aggressive cleaning agents will spread the covering on upholstered furniture. Of course, in cooperation with experienced companies, this risk is minimized, but extra insurance never hurt anybody.

Special cleaning services, it is worth noting several. For example, many companies offer disinfection of surfaces – this procedure is particularly relevant for cafes, restaurants, beauty salons. There is a seasonal service for the cleaning and removal of snow from the surrounding area and the roof of the building. And of course, the cleaning and removal of household waste. Easier to entrust it all to one company than to hire for each job different services.

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