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How to choose a consulting company?

How to choose a consulting company?

If you have already identified a number of problems that hinder the development of your business, the next step is to select a consulting company (under the direction of your activities). Are there universal criteria for the selection of the consultancy companies that will allow you to make the wrong choice? In fact, they have, and these criteria are not so much, but they definitely need to take into consideration. To choose a reliable consulting company pay attention to its experience, staff, customer base and pricing. It should not be neglected also and independent ratings in the media.

Before you call a particular consulting firm, gather about her the maximum amount of information: visit her website, find out how long the company works in the market of consulting services, ask the administrative staff and the basic principles of its work. Work experience – almost the main indicator of success, so beware to order services from the beginners in the field of consulting, and young branches of foreign companies (because not all foreign strategies work successfully in the domestic market). If a consulting firm employs 5-10 years, it has been hard «on his feet», if more than 10 years, then this company is likely quite serious, has a significant client base and a clearly articulated strategy. To such and should be addressed.

The personnel of the consulting company is key to its success and the fact that you (the client) will receive expert advice and assistance in the conduct of business. Some companies post on their websites a brief summary of their consultants, but most consulting firms avoid this to protect from head-hunters. Of course, you can personally ask about experience and qualifications of staff directly at the meeting.

Clients of consulting company. As an experienced specialist are proud of our portfolio and the consulting firm are proud of our eminent clients, the list of which they usually place on your site. If the company website is not clear how long she’s been working on the market and who its customers should seriously suspicious regarding her qualifications.

Price is often the deciding factor when choosing a consulting firm, especially small and medium-sized businesses. On the market there are no clear tariffs for the provision of this or any other advice, so the cost can vary greatly. Of course, it should be borne in mind that the price depends on the experience of the consulting firm, its brand, staff and in most cases an indicator of quality, so the savings can play against you. In General, if you take into account all criteria, the next step is a telephone conversation and a meeting with the purpose of better acquaintance with the consultants of your business. Of course, one should keep in mind a few such companies, it is only after the meetings you will be exactly clear with whom to deal and whom to ignore.

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